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Tears of Joy

Last week on Good Friday I showed up with my signs and heart to spread love and hope . Within a few moments , the guard arrived with his Colt 45 positioned on his hip and his commanding voice to intimidate me not to stop cars arriving and leaving the abortion mill. I prayed , smiled and gave him an Easter blessing and asked, “are you going to Church for Easter?”

He nodded, yes, I said, good!

I continued to pray my rosary for quite sometime, giving literature out with smiles while holding my baby dress in my other hand .

After an hour or so, I was ready to leave but felt a prompting to keep praying . I thought, Jesus the least I can do , is push thru my tiredness. I chose to stay and not give into my sleepiness.( little to no sleep the night before).

Towards the end of my rosary , a car pulls in with a young woman and young man , I make eye contact with the woman, she looks at my loving sign, “mommy I love you !, please let me live…” and I held up the baby dress and said thru their rolled up windows, “for your baby.”

An adorable baby dress is worth 1000 words! 😊He parked their car and did not leave. I prayed even more . Please Lord, please give them love for their baby! 5 min passes. The car is still parked. I held up a sign, your baby smiles at 12 weeks.

The miracle happens . I put my sign back in the grass and to my joy and amazement, He is backing up his car and leaving the mill! As their car approaches, I make eye contact and she puts her hands in her face and I could see the tears flowing from her eyes. Tears of joy as she chose life for her baby!! Before she could roll down the window, her boyfriend quickly turned the corner.

Say a prayer for all young women in a crisis pregnancy and for this courageous woman who on Good Friday ,she chose the good, the true and the right! Praise God indeed!

Regrets and Reconciliation

It’s been awhile since I shared an experience at the mill as a pro life sidewalk counselor offering love and support. Although this amazing story happened last year, it is always a good thing to share the miracles that often go unnoticed at our local abortion mill.

It was a seemingly uneventful day; Smiling and waving at women and men pulling into the mill , hoping to catch their eye enough to roll down their window and have a quick conversation before the guard waves them in.

A short time later, a woman walking in the gutter as to avoid the sidewalk and my loving signs with adorable baby clothes hanging over the edge, passes by moi and angerly says, “I believe in abortion and a woman’s right to choose.”

I quietly said , “what about the baby’s voice and choice.”

She paused as she glared at my pro life sign and continued, you pro-lifers don’t understand! I have a right it’s my body!”

I knew in my heart she was struggling and trying to justify what may have happened in her past. She continued her rant and I listened. Within a few minutes her voice softened and she began weeping. “ I didn’t want to have the abortion . I had no choice! He made me do it.” She exclaimed between sobs.

I intently listened as she poured out the events of her decision. The affair, the betrayal, and the death of her child on the altar of fear.

I asked how long ago did you lose your child ? She quietly said, “ a long time ago.” Will my baby ever forgive me ? “

“Yes! God will forgive you too! Do you want to pray.” I emphatically shared.

She nodded eagerly . I gave her a hug and I prayed a simple prayer of forgiveness for her tragic decision to abort her child. She wept as she prayed asking God and her child to forgive her.

Would you like to name your baby ? She nodded her head and shared his precious name. I asked her if she would like a baby outfit as a remembrance of this heaven ordained moment. Indeed it was another Miraculous moment on the sidewalk of Planned Murderhood.

This angry pro choice woman 10 minutes ago now had reconciled with God and her child!!

As she walked to her bus stop she looked back at me while clutching her son’s baby outfit tightly. She smiled warmly with her tear stained face and whispered thank you.

Capturing a heart

Suiting Up and Showing Up in the Shadowlands

Indeed we live in the world of shadows. C. S. Lewis writes, “We live in the shadowlands.” A place of suffering and hints of greater glory to come. On this particular day, I felt a prompting to make a genuine effort to suit up and show up at the mill. Many times, I have felt a gentle beckoning within and I have allowed the tyranny of the urgent, to pull me away from the sidewalk.

Moreover, with each blog I write, it feels like I am boxing words to capture the moment to inspire others to pray and perhaps even show up at their local abortion mill.

On this particular day, often more than I would like to admit, it is difficult to listen to the prompting within. The morning soon became the early afternoon, as I steadily worked, hoping to pull myself away after the next call or text. Distraction on steroids’ to say the least.

Gratefully, grace pierced the moment as the next surprising text popped into my messages. It shocked me out of my work mode into the harsh realities of the despairing moments in life. My friend who was at the mill texted: “quick prayer request. Please pray for Michelle, she is considering an abortion.”

I immediately texted back, “of course”.

I said a silent prayer and I felt a prompting to call her as well.

“What is happening now?, I urgently asked.

She replied, “she just went in and her boyfriend is very distraught.” I asked,

“Is her boyfriend nearby?” Yes, she urgently replied. Ask him if I might share with him? Within 10 seconds , I heard his pained and soft spoken voice, “Hello.”

I shared, “I feel your pain and sorrow. I am sad for both of you.”

“Thanks,” he continued. I will be there in 15 minutes. Leaving my work behind, I arrived at the mill shortly there after. He was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk. I rolled my window down and asked him if he had made any progress with his texting.

He nodded nope. He continued. “I keep texting her and she is ignoring my pleas. She doesn’t care about how I feel about our baby.”

For the the next 15 minutes, our conversation continued as he feverishly texted his girlfriend. I prayed and gave him thoughts to send her as she was being prepared for her abortion.

She texted back , “I am in so much pain. Stop telling me not to do this!”

It was heart wrenching. To soothe his pain, I gave him a beautiful infant pink baby dress with delicate pink ballerina shoes for his daughter. I had a strong prompting from God that she was pregnant with a girl. He clutched the dress and shoes as if it was his life raft to his baby girl.

I said, ” This is a beautiful keepsake in memory of your precious baby daughter. Perhaps someday you might write a letter to your daughter sharing your heart and deep love for her.”

Abortion does not take away your fatherhood, I continued. She is your daughter throughout eternity.”

He nodded and held back tears as we slowly walked back and forth on the sidewalk.

I asked him if he would like me to baptize her. I prayed and read a simple prayer for the Baptism of Aborted Babies , praying not only for her baptism but all the children that would die at this mill on this day.

” Heavenly Father, Your love is eternal. In Your ocean of love, You saved the world through Your only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Now look at Your only Son on the Cross Who is constantly bleeding for love of His people, and forgive Your world. Purify and Baptize aborted children, our dear sister Angela Maria and all aborted children at this mill today with the Precious Blood and Water from the Sacred Side of your Son, Who hung dead on the Cross for their salvation, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. May they, through the Holy Death of Jesus Christ gain everlasting life, through His Wounds be healed, and through His Precious Blood be freed, there to rejoice with the Saints in Heaven.” Amen.

I stayed with him for the next 45 minutes or so. I shared how this decision she is making will be the death of their 2 year relationship as the guilt will settle in and she will turn on him. He nodded in agreement. I shared a bit about my faith in God and how he works all things together for good, even the tragedy of this moment as he wept over the loss of his child and the remembrance of what could have been and what has been.

All of heaven weeps as I pondered another heart breaking moment as our society sees these precious children in the womb as irrelevant and insignificant.

Truly, children from the moment of conception are far from irrelevant to God’s kingdom as Jesus said, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Do You REMEMBER when?

It has been a few weeks since January 22nd. That fateful day 48 years ago, where killing the innocent became ”legal” has brought utter travesty and division into our country. Now more than ever, we are a divided states of America. We only hope and pray in our life time this UNJUST LAW will be overturned once and for all with liberty and justice for all. In the words of St. Augustine, ” an unjust law is never a law. Justice for the unborn awaits expectantly.

This tragic day came and passed with little note except in our Pro Life Community. We remember and must never forget the little ones who die daily without notice. The silent screams continue.

I made it over to the mill towards the end of the day with every intention to arrive earlier and be a voice crying out into the wilderness, praying my little seeds of hope might birth fruit while keeping in mind the ever present reality to forget about seeing results of my little efforts and forge ahead with determination to let the light of God’s love pour thru me to these wounded souls who can’t even see or feel the reality of their choices of killing their very own.

It was late in the afternoon when I arrived at the mill with my two dogs. No cars in the parking lot. I sighed a bit of relief and thought, I wish I was not the only one here praying. I said a little prayer to our Lady of Guadalupe and walked across the street to the sidewalk and began walking and praying my Rosary.

Moments later, a car stops with a few people inside and one of the ladies leans out the window, and shouts, “Hi, can we pray with you?”

I was shocked and said, “of course!” A few moments later, 5 people from OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE parish joined me in praying the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet to end abortion on this tragic day in American history. I asked them to come back anytime and pray here. Ironically, this was their first time at the mill praying! I was blessed beyond measure to be surrounded with prayer warriors at the mill and will forever remember their sacrifice of time to suit up and show up at the mill despite fear and uncertainties.

Tragic Reality….

In Memory of all the precious souls lost but forever loved and wanted by Heaven and those on earth fighting for their lives.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Prayer group.. suiting up and showing up. Brave Souls.

Heroes in the Making

Happy New Year!

Another year full of hope and expectation in great anticipation that one of these years Roe vs Wade will be overturned. Perhaps in 2021, we all pray so.

I arrived at the mill armed with baby clothes , and loving smiles. The parking lot once again, full of cars, and I sighed within and pondered why these souls choose abortion as well as choosing birth control, killing future children. Cars zoomed in. On this day, the guard didn’t show up to watch me and motion cars to ignore my waves. A bit of grace from heaven.

I prayed and approached the cars and surprisingly almost every car stopped to chat. The first driver stopped and I knew before he could speak that he was there to pick up his wife with their two year old son strapped in the car seat behind him. ” I am so sorry. I will pray for your family.”

“Yeah me too. I didn’t want her to do it.”

I handed him literature and encouraged him to see a Priest as he had a rosary around his rear view mirror. I also gave him a baby boy infant outfit and I said, “in remembrance of your son who died today.”

He gladly received the gift and pulled into the parking lot. My heart felt deep sorrow over another dead child and wounded family. Abortion does not take away motherhood or fatherhood. The child will always be present in the heart of the mother even if she buries the loss. I felt a prompting from heaven to baptize this child and and give him a name. The name Peter came to my heart. This precious soul indeed suffered a needless death on the altar of fear and inconvenience. All of heaven weeps and welcomes the soul of Peter into the heavenly family. I will hold him in my heart along with all aborted, miscarried babies as they are forever loved and cherished.

Shortly thereafter, another car pulls up. I offered a baby outfit, and she said, ” I am not pregnant. We are here for birth control.”

I said, “God has plans for your family and it certainly isn’t using birth control. He wants us to be be open to life.”

Silence. They continued to listen as I shared from my heart the dangers of birth control and how it is an abortifacient. They took my pro life literature and baby outfit seemingly a bit shocked over my loving forthrightness and drove in to the parking lot.

About 5 minutes later, the family is pulling out of the driveway with beaming smiles on their faces. The husband and wife with their pre school children in the backseat, hubby rolled the car window down and shouted, “thank you, we are going to be open to life and let God lead! “

I said, “He will abundantly provide for you as you let Him bless your family.”

I experienced in the midst of all the death of innocent aborted children another miracle between the cracks in the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood. Tragically, abortion was once again the NUMBER ONE cause of death globally in 2020, with a record 42.7 million unborn babies killed in the womb, according to data provided by Worldmeter. 8.2 million people died from cancer, 5 million from smoking and 1.8 million from the coronavirus.

Indeed, it was a joyous moment as this family truly are becoming Heroes in the Making as they CHOSE LIFE for their future children and said no to the culture of death.

A Gentle Touch…


We will never know how much just a simple smile can do. Mother Teresa.

Vinegar or Honey? Trembling or Posturing? This morning on the feast day of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, I felt prompted to head over to the mill and be a sign of love and peace. Indeed, she has left an indelible mark of love upon the world. She began her works of love from a place of poverty and emptiness. I am challenged by her saintly life as I ponder all the little ways she showed love and much sacrifice to the least among us.

With high hopes of spreading a bit of love today with my joyful pro life signs and my small furry dogs, I was ready to converse with souls seeking service at Planned Parenthood. Tragically, these wounded souls are quite vulnerable, frightened, and despairing and hide behind a mask of determination and denial of the reality of the growing child within their womb as they pull into the parking lot. Showing up at the sidewalk with a joy filled heart, and smiles is like giving a cup of cold water to a thirsting soul and many miraculous moments have occurred by taking the time to offer help with a gentle and loving touch.

Unfortunately, today was not one of those days I would be able to stand in the gap with smiles and solutions. As I past Planned Parenthood, I was overwhelmed with many pro lifers with their 6′-9′ signs of aborted babies littering the grass in front of the mill. These grotesque signs of aborted babies would make anyone nauseous. I felt deep anger within. I witnessed before leaving, cars zooming in without stopping to engage in a conversation as these posturing pro lifers shouted shaming messages.

I cringed inside and felt like ripping their signs down as this approach is not loving, kind, and certainly not a work of peace. I drove back home feeling angry, discouraged and very sympathetic towards these poor souls having to endure this barrage of bloody images of aborted babies. This counseling approach is like adding salt to an open wound and only serves to point out the hypocrisy of these passionate pro lifers who truly believe they are helping souls choose life thru these horrific images of aborted children.

All of heaven weeps. No meaningful dialog will rarely occur as these fearful souls hit the gas pedal and quickly turn into the parking lot with the guard waving them inside. Unrelenting, like a lion with a prey insight, the hysterical pro life agitators continues her shaming rant as the woman and man walk into the mill.

Ironically, last week I experienced what many of these abortion minded women experience from pro lifers who are not intent on listening and loving and being a sign of love and hope with a gentle spirit of peace to these wounded souls.

As I stopped by to pray and offer counsel with my few signs of love, a young woman stopped her car and yelled obscenities at me while giving me the bird. She was attempting with the same passion of these pro lifers to change my mind and shame me. I kept praying and did not engage her. She eventually left. However, within 15 minutes she returned with a friend and continued harassing, threatening, and mocking me. Their judgmental and harsh words were yelled at me with a demeaning and arrogant tone and with an air of superiority. I kept my head down and did not say a word. After 10 minutes of ranting and carrying on, they left.

After today’s experience of witnessing these perhaps well meaning pro lifers yelling and screaming , I thought, where’s the love and peace? I prayed, Lord have mercy on us. As people of the light, we often act and look like people of the dark. God save us from falling into self righteousness and forgetting we must first encounter the one who is PERFECT LOVE incarnate. I recall the words of St. Paul to the Corinthians. “I came to you in weakness and much trembling”, not with an air of superiority. We must become all things to all people that we might win a few with much humility and with a tender and gentle heart. Honey with a touch of vinegar, in our feeble attempts to bring about conversion and conversation from the heart while sharing our love for these women and men caught in the cancel culture web of abortion lies.

God help us not be clodhoppers in our attempts to save souls. We beg you, deliver us from a spirit of superiority and pride while knowing the log is always in our eye.

It is not what we do, but how much love we put into it. Mother Teresa


blessed motherBack in July of 2019 while getting ready to leave the mill, it was yet another uneventful day, I took a pic of my signs. Much to my surprise a few hours later while strolling thru my pics, I exclaimed, “What is that smudge to the right of the pic?”  SEE PHOTO ABOVE

I looked closely and it appears to me to be a silhouette  of the Blessed Mother, complete with a touch of her blue sleeve as she gazes upon the sign, “IT’S A BLACK & WHITE ISSUE! While sifting thru the my draft blogs this afternoon, I realized I never posted this photo.  Here it is, almost a year later.

I hope this miraculous photo blesses you as it has blessed me over the year. Let’s continue to pray our rosaries for the end of abortion in season and out of season.




mother teresa sign

The other day, actually it was the FEAST OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, I felt prompted to visit my local abortion mill after morning Mass . Ironically, during this COVID  plandemic crisis, Planned Parenthood continues to murder children every day with masked parents and employees protecting themselves from this evil virus while not protecting and caring for the child within.

 When I arrived on this seemingly uneventful day, I prayed and ask St. John in honor of his birthday, to save a child from abortion.  Over the years, I have indeed seen plenty of miracles, but most of the time, it is a very painful hour or two pleading from the  cracks in the sidewalk and offering literature as well as a listening and caring  heart.

With the guards sometimes two or three poised at the entrance to the parking lot with their Colt 45 on their hip in plain view, it can be a bit intimidating.  I  know the rules as I have been on the sidewalk offering help and assistance for over ten years. Sometimes, I attempt to enthusiastically engage these stern guards with warm smiles and greetings. Tragically,  these men  are being used as willing pawns to assist the agenda of PP.  Determined to do their job well with their cold and detached heart, is their script they are to follow towards those who are praying on the sidewalk.  They closely watching my every move and I watch their every move as well.  It can be daunting as they try to step in to block me from speaking with the driver and passenger as they  quickly motion the cars forward.

Even if I can’t catch every car, my loving and sometimes direct signs,( like the one above) will grab the hearts of the abortion minded men and women. I also hang adorable new baby outfits from my signs to tug at their hearts. Who can resist a cute baby outfit?

I sprinkled holy water the length of the sidewalk in front of PP, as I carried my pamphlets along with my rosary . I prayed and groaned within as I gazed upon the sea of cars in the parking lot. I remembered. It was Wednesday, second tri semester abortions on this day.

I prayed within, Dear Lord, please move in the hearts of these women and men. I raced back and forth as cars poured into the parking lot. On this day, the guard did not block me from stopping cars and sharing with the drivers.  I kept praying and pleading as couples walked in and walked back out. I could see from the distance, there were COVID signs on the glass door.  I thought, what are they doing?  Did they have a change of heart? I soon realized that they were asked to go back to their cars and wait as it was “safer” then waiting inside the possible COVID environment. There were approximately 7 couples waiting for their abortion  in their hot car with  windows rolled down. I began sharing and pleading from my heart. “I have resources for you! ” Your baby wants to live!   I prayed and asked all of heaven to pray and change the hearts of these couples. I continued to plead to these waiting couples inside their car.

About 20 minutes later, a car backs out and slowly rolls to the exit driveway. The window was still down.  I caught the gaze of this precious and courageous  young woman perhaps 18 or 19 with her black boyfriend driving the car. With a soft voice, she told me,  “I can’t do it. I changed my mind.”

I exclaimed, “Praise God, thank you for choosing life.”  I gave her the directions to our local pro life clinic and a baby boy’s infant outfit and said, if you have a boy, please consider naming him John. She smiled warmly.

“I will pray for you both. God has special plans for your family. Thank you for choosing life”!  I eagerly told her as the car zoomed away.

Less than a minute after she left, another car backs out and exits the drive way. This young Hispanic couple stopped and I asked her already knowing in my heart, she chose life for her child,   I asked gently,  “you chose life for your child?”

She firmly said with a sparkle in her eye, ” yes, I am keeping my baby.”  Thank you for being here.”

I raced over to grab the last baby dress I had hanging on one of my signs. She gratefully said thank you and clung to the baby dress as if her child was already wearing it.  I treasured  this  precious memory of seeing her clutch the floral baby dress against her chest.  It was indeed another  miraculous moment.  Two children saved from the mill, minutes apart!

After the cars drove away, I broke out in praise and thanksgiving and shared the good news with the guard. He witnessed it all and said nothing. This guard could have as he has done in the past, pushed these cars away and I would have not been able to interact with these couples who chose life. On this day, the angels kept him quiet and still.

INDEED, THE COVID CLIMATE  HAD BECOME A SILVER LINING on this particular hot summer day. This surreal virus surprisingly gave me one more chance to plead from my heart for the lives of these children in the womb while their parents relaxed in their cars listening to my pleas with windows rolled down, as the waited to be texted  by the receptionist  to go inside the mill and kill their child.

Thanks be to God to both these young brave men and women who heard my pleas from my heart and chose life!  Thank you Saint John for interceding for me on your Feast Day!

As I gathered my signs and left shortly after,  I am forever reminded never to forget  all the children that die at these mills daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The numbers are staggering over 65 million children murdered since ROE VS WADE.

I hope for all of you who read my blog of remembering the miracles that sometimes happen on the sidewalk at this Planned Parenthood, you will dearly hold these aborted children close to your hearts  always.

Dear innocent ones,  we pray for you and the conversion of your parents who ended your precious life.  Please pray for us as you are indeed holy martyrs. We yearn for our heavenly reunion with all of you where the sting of death will be no more and love grows forever more. 

Come Lord Jesus Come and deliver us from the horror and scourge of abortion throughout our world. 

Harold Jr.

via Harold Jr.

Harold Jr.

IMG_0951 (2)


It’s been quite sometime since I have written about my experiences at the mill. MIA CULPA… MIA CULPA… Perhaps 10 months or even a bit longer. No excuse except the usual. Busy with being busy doing life as I am in yet another transition. If anyone is out there in blog land reading my journal of sorts, please PRAY for my willingness to share the miraculous moments at SIDEWALKHELP.COM. When those unexpected moments of glory happen, it truly is a holy and heavenly touch from above.

I am certainly not short of miracles at the mill this past year. Mia Culpa, once again,  perhaps, because we are in the season of Lent, I need to offer up my efforts of writing about my experiences at my local Planned Parenthood in hopes that others might break thru their own fears of hitting the sidewalk and show up and at least BE that necessary JOYFUL  face and SIGN OF HOPE in the midst of the despair and tragedy as the cars roll into the Planned Parenthood parking lot. These women and men are desperately seeking to make it quick and painless as they seek an easy solution for their unwanted pregnancy hoping for a drive thru abortion moment,  either with that 2 day pill or the quick drop off as the boyfriend and/or husband  with a few squirmy kids in the backseat oblivious to the reality of mom rushing into the Planned Parenthood mill to kill their brother or sister as the unexpected pregnancy has become a strangely inconvenient reality for the family’s  narcissistic lifestyle.

When I am confronted with this reality on a weekly basis while counseling women and men from the sidewalk against the backdrop of unheard  silent screams, I plead from my heart from the weeds and cracks in the sidewalk, “I have FREE resources for you! Abortion does not take away motherhood or fatherhood! You will still be a mother or father grieving the death of your child.” 

During one of my  pleas from my heart earlier this week, I met Harold and Harold Jr. As I walked back and forth with my literature praying my rosary quietly waiting for the next car to pull in, Harold briskly left the patio area of the abortion mill, decorated with picnic tables and umbrellas, while fathers, and loved ones wait for their beloved as their child is being murdered within the house of horror.  Harold reached the sidewalk and spoke passionately to me, “Miss, I am not one of them. I wanted my child, he died in the womb at 5 months and now we have to do this procedure.

I shared my heart of sorrow over his loss and wept and prayed with him. I said, “All of heaven is sorrowing with you and he will be with The Father soon.”

He felt comforted and proudly told me that his grandfather had 23 children and he doesn’t believe in abortion under any condition.  I continued to listen to him and offer him healing prayers and literature. I asked him if he and his wife had named their child yet.

He said,” Oh yes named after me. Harold Jr.”

 I said, Harold Jr. truly knows how much he is loved by you and his mother.  I prayed with him and asked him if he would like his child to be baptized by desire.  We prayed together and baptized his sweet son Harold Jr. I felt a prompting to ask him to get his precious son’s remains.

He said, absolutely!

I prayed again for our Lord to move in the heart of Planned Parenthood workers to release Harold Jr. little body for a proper burial.  

Shortly thereafter, he went inside the Planned Parenthood and about 20 minutes later came out and exclaimed from his rolled down car window with great joy , Our prayer was answered! They are giving me his body and I am to return at 2 pm to pick up my wife and child.” 

He was off to Hobby Lobby to find a small wooden box, he told me excitedly.

I said, I know our Christian Catholic Community will happily give your son a proper burial. Would you like a graveside memorial for your son? 

Harold exclaimed, “I would love that!”

I  asked him curiously, “What day would have Harold been born on?

He said,” in July.”

I said, “really, what day?”

He said, “July 27th!”

I cried out in surprise and joy, “That is my birthday!  Wow.. I will always hold him in my heart.”

He was very touched and said a prayer of praise to God for the God incidence.

We exchanged cell numbers and he asked  me to text him with updates and the photo of the little baby casket I would order with his son’s name on it.  He would be back promptly at  2pm  to pick up his wife and their child’s remains. In that short time, I ordered the baby casket and made arrangements for the burial and as well as texting him with updates. I thanked God for the miracle of a proper burial for this little child would be buried next to other aborted and miscarried babies in a near by cemetery.

2 pm arrived. I texted him letting him know I am here and ready to help him and his wife. 2:30 pm arrives. No Harold. I call. I text again.  No response.

I questioned myself,  what happened?   Did his wife talk him out of it? Would sweet Harold  have a proper burial? Did Planned Parenthood talk his wife out of taking her child’s remains and giving their son a proper burial?

Sadly, I will never know this side of heaven. I wept within. The casket arrived yesterday with his  name on it:  Harold Jr.  This sweet soul truly knows he was deeply loved ever so briefly this side of heaven and he will be forever remembered  in our hearts even if he was  not given a proper burial by his parents perhaps because of  fear and uncertainty.

Dearest  Harold Jr. you are now with us in our hearts where ever we go. The sting of your tragic death has been swallowed up by Jesus because of  His great love for us.  A holy Mass was said for you sweet dear one on this  7th day of March in the year 2020 .All of heaven  and our Dear Blessed Mother rejoices and gladly welcomes you home where the sting of death indeed is no more! 

“O Death, where is thy Sting? O grave where is thy Victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Corinthians 15:55

Indeed it was just another day at the mill, where the light of God’s grace showered upon Harold and Harold Jr. in the midst of the innocent blood being shed and sold to the highest bidder. God have mercy and come Lord Jesus come!

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Veil of Veronica

A Catholic Mom's Spiritual Journey

The Divine Antidote

The Flame of Love

The Joy of Penance

by Janet Klasson

Personhood Education


Katie Sciba

Speaker & Writer News

The latest news on and the WordPress community.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Catholicism without compromise


Real Estate Intelligence & Analytics

TMC: Thirty Miles of Corruption

Bringing Regional Riverside Politics to the Community

Studio Mothers: Life & Art

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