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Warning: Happy Baby on Board!


Meet Gage.. a precious child of God.  He is full of life and bubbling over with glorious smiles! Gage’s mother and my daughter in law, happily chose life despite the challenges and obstacles with raising her children in our narcissistic  culture of death.

Ironically, as I was downloading  his adorable Gerber baby face, I noticed the side of his car seat with the seemingly ominous  word  WARNING in Bold letters with a yellow background. Although the manufacturer might have meant something else by that word,  it takes on a prophetic meaning to all pregnant mothers who might consider abortion as a reason to end their child’s life because it is not the “right time”. Many mothers who chose abortion never consider that killing their child does not erase their motherhood. They will always be mothers’ either grieving the death of their child (at some point)  or embracing motherhood with all joy as a great gift from God despite the challenges.

SERIOUS WARNING INDEED, TO OUR CULTURE OF DEATH, as Gage envelopes us with his gigantic smile as if saying, Thank you Mommy for choosing life!

I know many of you might never show up at a Planned Parenthood  to pray and counsel. Perhaps in this year of Faith,  you might prayerfully consider joining the front line efforts despite your fears and trepidations.

As faithful Catholics, Christians, and seekers of the good, the true, and right, we must in the words of Saint Paul, keep persevering and praying and not look for results and immediate fruit of our labors. Our prayers, penances, and obedience will one day create a  Tsunami effect and drown abortion from our society. If we want to change the world, we must be the change and do our small part to fight the contraceptive and abortive mentality  in our communities and world.

Indeed, Abortion is Social Injustice. Let us in the words of Mother Teresa show true justice with love as “Justice without love is not justice. Love without justice is not love.”

Mother Teresa, pray for us.

Out of the car!

5 months ago, I chased a beat up car down the street in front of Planned Parenthood, with strong shouts, “let me help you!” (see previous blog)  The 4 month pregnant driver, slammed on her breaks and asked me , DO YOU NEED HELP?  I helped her and she helped me in ways that she never expected.

This past Monday, August 2, Saint Martha’s feast day, the baby girl  entered the world at 3:44am! Divine Mercy indeed!

I am awed by God’s  AMAZING AND HUMBLING grace towards us as we are indeed cracked pots  in all our brokenness as we allow his light to shine thru all our cracks and crevices. to help another struggling soul  hesitantly leave the fog of their lives and walk towards the light despite human doubt.

I walked with Jenna  throughout her pregnancy. Cheering her on, helping  in small ways, praying for her to stay strong and choose the path of adoption.  Thru many tears and doubts, she chose an adoptive family.

At the end of her pregnancy, after much sacrifice and bonding with the adoptive family, Jenna made the decision to keep her baby.

With no job, no husband, and living in less than ideal circumstances with 3 men and her 3 year old son, she moved back to her two bedroom apt.  She chose life and now the path of  single motherhood with the prayerful support of others and her current decision not to move into a home for unwed mothers and experience a better living situation as she finishes her tech school.

Life in motion. Happy Ending?  Indeed, God works all things together for good, and weaves our less than perfect decisions into a greater good.

Pray for Jenna to yield her will to God and have the courage to grow in grace, truth, and love as a single mom in a loving Church community.

Ironically, the day before she gave birth,  she was scrambling for a car seat. The day I came to the hospital to see her new baby,  I brought with me a new car seat. It seemed quite fitting, giving the reality I saved her in the car and now she is safely in the car! Alaina photo-7