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Men Who Carry Purses

Pursephoto (2)Men who carry purses is a daily event at abortion mills.  Indeed, this past week there was a parade of purse carrying men. Tragically,  I witnessed more than usual  fathers with other children  carrying their wives’ purses as the younger ones lag behind with a knowing something terrible is happening inside.

It is an odd sight every time I witness  it.  Husbands, boyfriends, and fathers  carry these purses with the greatest of protection. Some of these men cradle the purse in their arms like a baby!  PP does not allow women to keep their purses and cell phones with them during the murder of their child.

Think about it. The purse with a cell phone inside is the last life line to a possible save from the pending death of the child.  She might hear her phone ring with that special ring of a loved one and reach for it and her mind might be changed.  She might receive a frantic call  or a pleading text from a family member or friend  as they suddenly realize the horror of  the killing about to happen!

This one particular father, carried his wife’s purse with determination as he briskly walked to the family van. I shouted, “We can help , Daddy, your baby wants to live! We have resources for you and your family!”

He looked at me and said with a deep monotone voice  reminding me of Joe Friday from a Dragnet episode, “I HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL.”

Really sir? Under Control?   The truth is, he like many other men, who believe the lie of abortion, are under deception, not under control.

Our Father in Heaven have mercy on us. Please save our babies from the sin of abortion and contraception.

Our Lady of Guadalupe , PRAY FOR US.

Saint Joseph Pray for us.





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