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Lies for sale

I arrived at the mill this morning full of distraction and frustration. It was one of those pity party days. Despite the early morning prayers, desolation was creeping into my soul. I told myself as I drove over to the mill, I will get out of myself  by suiting up and showing up in service to others.

I glanced into the parking lot at Planned Parenthood as I parked my car across the street. My heart sank as the  parking lot was full, not an available parking space in sight.  If I didn’t know better, I would think I was at Walmart, the day after Christmas.

I asked the guard has it been like this all day? He said, “yep, they party hard these last few days.  Christmas  season is big business here. ”  It was my feeble attempt to see any “success” with the efforts of pro lifers who come daily to pray and counsel. Maybe one day, there will be no cars pulling in because our prayers have been answered! NOT today or tomorrow, as reality speaks louder than my desire.

I remembered the deeper truths. We are called to be faithful and serve Him through thick and thin moments.   Any success we see at the mill; a life saved, a woman deciding to quit using birth control, even  a thumbs up from a car or two passing by, must be quickly forgotten as we are rewarded in heaven for how we policed our egos  not all the successes we counted.  Difficult truth to live, easy to type and rarely pondered enough by moi.

Back to the moment at the mill. The air was especially crisp this morning. My signs strategically posted with cars streaming by, barely glancing at the pro life  message. The drivers darts in with the woman looking down in feigned prayer,  to avoid my eyes and piercing signs of hope in the midst of another tragic death of a beautiful child of God.

A few times this particular day, the driver stops, startled by my smiles and hand signal to roll down the window! I silently pray, Dear God help me speak your words with love and truth.  I ask the question, Did you know they kill babies here? Silence. “Oh really,  we are only here for birth control.   We are not having an abortion.”

Did you know that using birth control of any kind may cause a chemical abortion? I know first hand. I lost a child 28 years ago.”  I carry her in my heart and if I had known what I am sharing with you now, she would still  with me today.

I didn’t know that.”  Please read the info and you will learn much and experience deeper joy as you are open to life as a married couple. It’s the way God wants you share your love.

Another car pulls in.  A mother driving the car, glares at me. I hold my sign, “Your Baby Wants to Live.”  She flips me off while pulling into the mill with her teenage daughter pushing her finger flipping hand down.  I knew all to well, this was another sale job by the mother who felt it was in the best interests of her teenage daughter to have the abortion.

Mother and her frightened daughter sat in the car for quite some time.  I prayed much. Brake lights on, brake lights off.  Please God, give her strength to say YES TO LIFE, despite her mother’s desire to kill her grandchild.  God please give her the grace to say yes to life!  I pleaded in my heart for this scared teenager battling her mother,  Don’t believe your mother’s lies!

I don’t know how it turned out today. Did she cave in to her mother’s pressure? Thankfully, another pro lifer, showed up before I left. I filled her in and she was going to report back. As I left the mill, they were still in the car.  However, the mother heard my pleas again and rolled down the window and shouted at me, “SCREW YOU.”

Tragically, in our culture of death, Lies are for  sale at a great cost of the PERSONHOOD of the child growing within the womb.  Our culture of death know how to  market and “beautify” abortion and make it an easy sale.

Thankfully, the precious Holy Spirit will use these seemingly mundane moments of heralding truth at the mill, to whip up the fire of love and burn  into the hearts of these precious frightened and seeking souls looking for a quick solution to a “problem” pregnancy.  Perhaps one day soon, we will see a change of heart and women and men will see PERSONHOOD   and not Planned Parenthood.

Keep praying for pro life counselors doing battle at the mill. Without you, we cannot stand in the gap. We desperately need every prayer as the enemy is bombarding us with distraction and disillusionment on every side. We are committed to bringing light and love into the fiery furnace of Satan’s den of destruction.  Despite these flames, we are offering sidewalk help and giving up the outcome of seeing results, (at least attempting), when all indication, seems that our little efforts of love, are just blowing truth into the wind.

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  1. Reblogged this on SIDEWALK HELP and commented:

    Reminding all of us, especially me, to continue to suit up and show up and expect a miracle… a change of heart a baby saved, a woman making a decision to be open to life and learn natural family planning in her marriage… you never know what God can do with a willing heart despite our weaknesses, shortcomings and egos that often run riot throughout our seeking souls. God , I am willing, help our unwillingness. God works miracles in broken vessels as more light shines out for others to see!

    January 21, 2016

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