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Between the cracks

cracks in the sidewalkFullSizeRender (11)It was one of those mornings. Should I go to the mill or not? In the past 5 years as a sidewalk  pro life counselor, rarely does  showing up at the abortion mill a joyful experience.  Indeed, it is a sheer act of will and faith in action. More often than not, I give into my slothful feelings and self justification with pious reasoning. Thankfully on this particular day,  I showed up.

I felt that tug in my heart, the still small voice nudging me  to suit up and show up at the mill despite my passing  tempting thoughts to show up later in the week. I argued with the still small voice within as I gathered my belongings, but Father in Heaven, I have to finish my training for the new real estate contract, I don’t have time to go the the mill!  Despite my do it later attitude,  I listened and obeyed and I picked up my car keys along with my partially paralyzed  chihuahua mix rescue dog, sweet PETE, I quickly packed his doggy stroller and backed out of the garage praying Lord here I am.  peteFullSizeRender (16)

Shortly thereafter, I arrived at Planned Parenthood. The guards were decorating the entrances of the mill with their colt 45 guns nestled tightly on their belts. Indeed, they looked quite official as the protector of women seeking to legally kill their child.  I hauled my signs out of my car and grabbed my baby rosary in one hand and maneuvered Pete’s stroller in the other.

Today the parking lot was exceptionally crowded. I noticed Planned Parenthood had recently as of last week,repainted their signs and added a new bright pink banner, “Healthcare”. I cringed within, and thought, really? Does it make it more palatable with a cheery color.?  They serve up Deathcare, not healthcare.

With that passing thought, I looked up and saw outside the planned parenthood  death door a young Hispanic couple in deep conversation.  I gently pleaded from afar;  “We can help…Abortion does not take away motherhood. We have diapers, food, adoption options, etc. They heard me as she looked up for a brief second.

During the hour or so I was at the mill, I kept my eye on this couple and feverently prayed my rosary for all the men and women in the mill today and especially for this young and troubled couple contemplating abortion. Women both young and older with boyfriends tagging behind walked through the death door like cattle being led to a slaughter house.

Indeed, it was becoming another typical day at the mill with over 99 percent of the women and men choosing death over embracing life. As I kept an eye on the scene outside the door, a late model Chevy truck pulls in. She was nicely dressed and I immediately noticed a very large Saint Benedict rosary around her neck.  It was quite beautiful to say the least! I exclaimed, “I am Catholic too. What are you here for all in one rapid fired sentence.”  I was acutely aware of the guard coming in my direction to push her car in with a stern wave. I had just a few seconds more of her attention.

She answered my question boldly. “I am picking up condoms for my friend.” I said, really?  Did you know the Church is against birth control as it is a serious sin.”

She looked at me as if I was from Mars.  She continued.. “Well they are not for me, just my friend.”

I pleaded with her. “Honey, read this handout. It is a very thorough Catholic teaching about the issue of birth control and why it is a grave sin.” You need to turn your car around and tell your friend because you are Catholic you cannot participate in this serious sin.”

She looked at me with eyes of disbelief as if I had just given her a death sentence when in reality she was giving  her friend the death sentence by being the conduit.  Tragically, my pleadings were unheeded as I silently prayed, “God have mercy on her soul.”

Shortly thereafter as I was preparing to leave I looked up and noticed the Hispanic couple were no longer outside the door. Another decision against their precious child within her womb, I thought.  I picked up my signs, glanced back and could not believe what I was seeing, they were getting in their car and leaving!  I leaped with joy and shouted, “Thank you for choosing life!!!”  I shouted with enthusiasm  as I felt the graces from our prayers were falling like rain drops upon their hearts and giving them the courage to walk away.

They pulled out of the driveway quickly. I smiled  and tried to get them to take info regarding the pro life clinic around the corner. By the graces of God, this young couple  took the next right step despite their fears, uncertainty, and confusion.

In utter awe and with great gratitude, a few of us witnessed a miracle  between the cracks while all of heaven REJOICES over a precious  child saved from the slaughter house.

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  1. Maureen Harry #

    Awesome Vanessa!
    You truly are a walking prayer warrior!
    Bless you my friend,

    October 2, 2015
    • Thank you ! By God’s grace. Hope all is well!

      October 2, 2015

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