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WOW…I  just wanted to share with you  this evening some  TRULY GREAT NEWS!   There is a new  pro life billboard in our community!  NO FAKE NEWS HERE! 🙂   A group of wonderful pro life people are helping to support this billboard! Over 167,000 cars drive by weekly. It is  directly across from a Christian High School and around the corner from a secular high school. PLEASE PRAY FOR MANY BABIES TO BE SAVED   Visit PRO LIFE ACROSS AMERICA! LINK BELOW!  billboard


Life in motion. It was one of those days. I jumped out of my car, loaded up my  doggy stroller  with pro life signs and literature as I was ready to take the next right step and be a listening ear, or give an encouraging word, and most important, a smiling face  full of hope and  joy despite the tragic reality  of innocent lives being sacrificed on this sunny afternoon at our local Planned Murder-hood.

Yes indeed, it was another day in our town as I heard  the church bells ringing in the near distance as a haunting reminder how few parishioners join the very few of us who suit up and show up on the sidewalk weekly and sometimes daily to be that caring voice for these unborn babies whose security in the womb will be ripped away.

I locked  my car with a quick beep and hurriedly walked over to the mill.  I juggled holding onto my box  with one hand and steering my stroller with the other while hoping I would make it to the sidewalk without a spill.

Not quite. I hit a bump in the entrance and my box spilled out into the Planned Parenthood driveway and scattered  my literature everywhere.  Thankfully,  there was not a car yet pulling in and  I scooped everything back into the box and sighed at the mess within and hoped I would find what I needed without losing precious time  looking for that perfect piece of  literature  to give out. My plastic box looked a bit like a messy desk to say the least!  Disorganized was an understatement.  I hurriedly pushed my signs into the grass, as a car pulled in. I waved, their window was already rolled down. A Hispanic couple in their  mid thirties, complete with two childless  car seats in the back seat waited to find out what I was handing out.

” Are you here for birth control?” I asked with concern and a sweet smile.

The man looked a bit shocked at my candor and  hesitantly said,  “yeah, I am.” His wife looked on with a bit of curiosity.

I continued. “Have you heard of natural family planning? He gave me a blank stare. You are coming in for a vasectomy today?”

He nodded, yes.

The guard immediately motioned him to park his car I continued sharing and handed him  a handful of literature from my box, and unbelievable, the info about the dangers of vasectomy was at the top of my box!  I chuckled within and thanked my angel for making it a bit easier to find the info. It was there on top because of my little stumble!

I stepped back from his car window and he proceeded to park his car as I asked him to come over  and we will continue to chat.  Within a couple of minutes, his wife walked into the mill and he walked over to the sidewalk as the guard carefully watched us. I thanked him for taking a few moments to chat with me.

“Before you go in for your appointment, please read this short pamphlet I pleaded from my heart. This is not God’s will for your family.  Most people do not know how using contraception  is contrary to life and most important God’s will for you and your family.” I emphatically shared.

He looked surprised and I continued sharing the risk of prostrate cancer and how this act is not trusting God to provide. I asked him if I might pray with him. I asked  God to give him courage and wisdom to trust Him. He prayed silently along with me. Just as I finished my prayer, I looked up and his wife was beckoning him to come inside for his appointment. He walked away and he promised me he would read what I gave him before he had his procedure.

He walked into the mill and I continued  walking and praying my rosary. I waited  in hope that he might have the courage to walk out. I knew in my heart, anything was possible with God, but knowing the realities of the temptations ever before families in this contraception minded society.  I braced myself for the reality that he might sadly succumb to the pressures inside the mill, to just do it and ignore the still small voice within his heart.

15 minutes passes and I look up at the mill and see the door open.

I was in shock. He was  walking boldly out of the mill with his wife trailing behind!

My heart surged within and I thanked God and waved at him. He looked at me from afar and gave me TWO THUMPS UP!  I mirrored back THUMBS UP with smiles and joy bubbling over within.

Thank you God, I repeated, Thank you God in my heart . Bless this family for their obedience to trust you!

As he exited the mill, with the guard watching closely, he and his wife had the biggest smile and tears were forming in his eyes. “Thank you”.  He said.

I said,” God will bless you and provide for your family and your future children! You are trusting God. THANK YOU!

Indeed, one this day, another MIRACLE at the mill  happened between the cracks in the sidewalk!

Let’s pray fervently for all those families who are using contraception of all kinds from pills, IUD’s , patches, the morning after pill, tubes tied, and vasectomies.  A great resource to share with others is the website and free podcast by Janet E Smith, Contraception, WHY NOT? Great resource to educate yourself and share with  others to make the choice ALWAYS  for life!