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As the car pulls in…..


On this first day  of the new year, may we desire with all our hearts by HIS GRACE,  to encounter the miraculous in those often mundane moments in life while we strive to suit up and show up and be that sign of hope!

It was just another cold and bluster day at the mill on the feast day of the Holy Innocence. For those who might not know the significance of this important day in the life of the Catholic Church, it is the day we remember the slaughter of all male children under the age of two by Herod the Great.

These past ten years or so, you would think it would become easier to stand in the cracks on the sidewalk and be a sign of hope. Nope. I too struggle with excuses to suit up and show up. Often I am that reluctant pro life counselor. I show up despite the cold wind, and other internal excuses urging me to just do it later.

Almost every parking space was full. I took a deep breath and strategically placed my signs in the public grass area and waited for cars to begin pulling in. SEE BELOW. Before long a young couple pull in.  I flagged them down with a friendly wave and a broad smile. They rolled down the window. I quickly accessed the situation. The male driver listened and his girlfriend looked down. “ Good morning!” I have help for you and your child. ” Why don’t you turn your car around and we can chat across the street. I pointed. I also have a baby outfit for your unborn child. ” I continued. “Abortion does not take away your motherhood or fatherhood.”  God has plans for your beautiful child. We are ready to help! Follow me over to our pro life clinic. We have free resources for you to help you choose life!”

The boyfriend listened intently , she looked down and just as I finished my last sentence, my eyes caught a familiar postage stamp size image of Saint Jude hanging from their rear view mirror.  I pleaded interiorly, St. Jude, please help this couple choose life!

I boldly stated, “dear St. Jude is hanging from your rear view mirror, all is heaven weeping!”  They seemed  startled and they both looked at the image of St. Jude  as she tightly gripped  the baby outfit in her hands.   Just then, the guard interrupted the moment and began frantically waving his hands motioning the driver to pull in. Sadly, he pulled in, and quickly rolled up their car window .

Who knows, maybe this couple changed their mind after I left the mill a bit later. I continued to pray and counsel and just perhaps, Saint Jude being the patron Saint of the Impossible, procured the graces for them to walk out.

Indeed, it was just another day at the mill as cars pulled  in with a few women on this day shouting angry words  with flying fingers pointing at me as well as gun toting security guards taking copious notes about my interactions with each car I stopped to share with. Despite these obstacles, in the midst of the chaos as I was gathering my signs to leave, God showed up and whispered to my heart through a UPS driver’s soft spoken words, “God bless you.” 

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