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Expectantly Waiting

I wait expectantly with hope, faith, and love. Perhaps this day, I might catch the heart of a pregnant mother intent on killing her precious unborn child.


A friend from Colorado reached out a few weeks ago and asked if she might join me at the mill and pray as I stepped in the crack of the sidewalk waving for the driver to stop.  My friend prayed her rosary and sprinkled holy water in the driveway at PP and along the sidewalk. This particular day, more cars stopped than usual. Without a doubt, I knew it was the prayers. Even with all the prayer covering there was still a few cars that quickly pulled in with a quick acceleration of the gas pedal and an unwelcoming frown. I continued walking and praying with my friend, hoping this day a child might be saved from death.

A short while later, a white SUV pulled in. The driver, a young Hispanic man in his early twenties, pulled in with a car load of kids and a woman in the passenger seat.  There were 3 bouncing  giggling children  and one infant child strapped in a car seat. They were full of smiles unaware of the precarious moment. I joyfully said, “this valentine dress is for your child!” She looked startled and I continued. “God has plans for your baby. Whatever you are going thru, we can help.”

I glanced at the driver and he looked at her.  I continued, “we have people waiting right now to give you what you need. Your unborn child wants to live! ”

I  caught her perplexed gaze  and emphatically pleaded, ” just back up the car and park behind my car over there and we will go over to a pregnancy clinic!”

This young man, heard my loving command, and quickly put his SUV in reverse and backed up out of the Planned Parenthood driveway as the stunned gun toting guard looked on.  The young woman was tightly holding the valentine dress I had just given her.  Gratefully, my friend stayed at the mill and prayed for another 45 minutes as this family followed me  over to our pro life pregnancy clinic.

Indeed, another miracle happened between the cracks in the sidewalk.  At the clinic, this young lady was given a free ultrasound and support as well as a photo of her unborn child. From despair to hope in 30 minutes! My friend and  I brought lunch to the family as they waited in the car as mom  visited the pregnancy support clinic.

Moreover, God’s graces continue to pour over this family. Our pro life community has rallied around  to help them with gift cards,  and most important prayers. Last week I reached out to my church community with a real need for this family who chose life. They needed to meet a car payment as  the father needed wheels.  It was a precious moment when I received a generous gift from  our auxiliary bishop, who was celebrating Mass that evening as well as other parishioners who dug into their pockets to help this struggling family.   My heart continues to leap with joy for all these beautiful generous souls willing to help this poor family living in a small garage waiting expectantly instead of grieving eternally over the loss of their precious unborn child.

We wait expectantly until her child is born this coming July.  In the meantime, between weekly calls and visits as time permits, I have been learning a bit about her journey and discovered she was baptized Catholic and used to go to Mass many years ago. Miraculously, there is a Catholic Church less than a mile from her garage home!

Please continue to pray for a safe delivery and gainful employment for her boyfriend and father of all 5 children as they are 21 years old. Unexpected miracles are pregnant with graces. We need to do our little part and  suit up and show up despite the ill feelings of being at the gates of hell with joy filled hearts and planting seeds of hope while walking, praying and sharing!

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