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emergency 1It was NOT just another day at the mill last week. As I pulled my car into the parking lot next door, I was shocked but not shocked to see a fire truck. I began praying and sticking my baby signs on the public grass area. Lord have mercy! Please help! I pleaded within.  In all the  years I have been on the sidewalk, I have never witnessed, a scene such as I was beholding. Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived.  I wondered about all the possibilities and of what happened to this poor soul who thought she might have a simple procedure and destroy her child. I also prayed for all the women inside who were witnessing this unfolding event, hoping perhaps they might walk out. Most women do not have any idea of the serious emotional health risks when undergoing an abortion such as increase guilt and regret, dreams about your dead child, hearing your baby cry at night and not to mention the feelings of helplessness and repressed anger and depression.

I continued to watch and pray. Shortly thereafter, an ambulance arrived. A few people walked out of the clinic, to make way for the gurney and paramedics. It was surreal to say the least! It was impossible to park in the lot as it was blocked. As cars tried to pull in, I used this emergency to inform these men and women, that there is not only is a child being killed inside, that you might also end up losing your life!

A woman completely covered by a sheet was rolled down the death plank as many onlookers stared. I gasped, “oh know, she must be DEAD!” I prayed and prayed. The urgency of these medics was minimal. The fire engine left shortly after the ambulance. I ran over and asked the driver, did someone die today?  No, she emphatically stated with little emotion.

I curiously asked, “Why was she covered up?”

She said in a Joe Friday tone, “She didn’t want anyone to see her.”

As the truck pulled away, I pondered her words. This poor soul, looking to end the life of her child felt shame and embarrassment . Why now? Why didn’t she cover up going in? Perhaps, this moment would be a beginning for a true healing of her soul from the tragedy of yet another abortion in our disposable society.  I pray for all post abortive women who will spend the rest of their lives never quite recovering from the loss of their child (ren) on the altar of self centered-ness. Indeed, there is hope after abortion and I pray that these women will find a place of recovery.  Rachel’s Vineyard is that place with support and grief recovery for all involved in this terrible tragedy and plague in our communities worldwide. Visit


I work in Real Estate. I received a text lead from a buyer last Monday. I wasn’t too thrilled by the lead as the buyer was fishing for info on a property he already had submitted an offer through another Realtor.  I called anyway and offered to find out about his offer and help him out as he seemed to really want this home.  He said, his Realtor wasn’t returning his calls.  He asked me if I might help him find some other homes just in case this one did not work out.  He was super busy with his work and his girlfriend would be meeting with me and previewing homes. I said, no problem! Happy to help.

Last evening I met this young Asian couple! Super sweet and eager to be a homeowner. They were the ideal candidate with a 20 percent down payment.

After knocking on the door of the last home , we were asked to wait 30 minutes to see it as the owner was not home yet. They were eager to wait. During the 30 minute wait , I asked questions about their life in China under the one child per family policy . They said , it has changed now , but most families still do not trust the government and will abort their second child out of fear. I asked if they like movies… and I shared about UNPLANNED, the movie as this film gives insight into the raw reality of the abortion industry in America.

They wanted to hear more about the film . I showed them the trailer and shared about my work on the sidewalk . I clicked on my photo images and quickly scrolled through to share a bit more about my work in front of Planned Parenthood . The woman looked intently at my photos as I scrolled thru quickly and she exclaimed, “Wait , go back! What is that ? An ambulance ?? ”

I said yes!  “Last week a woman came out of the abortion mill covered up as she had been seriously injured while having her abortion.”

She said , “I was inside with my sister she was aborting her child as she already had 2 children and didn’t want another! We witnessed all the commotion and saw her being wheeled out. My sister was so scared she almost did not have her abortion! ”

I said, “how tragic and ironic! I was there at the same time! I will pray for your healing All of heaven weeps.”

She quietly received my words and seemed quite stunned at the turn of events.

I wept within. If only I had been their earlier that day. God have mercy on us.

Now they truly know that abortion kills a child after I witnessed the truth in love of what abortion is . They truly seemed to receive it in their hearts as this house seeking couple seemed quite shocked at the irony that I was there at the same time as this woman had been there with her sister…..a truly miraculous INTERSECTION of our lives last week!

They gratefully received the pro life information including healing from an abortion pamphlet . I also shared a bit about my journey of faith and the love of God pouring out to hurting mankind thru His only Son .

Yes, we did see the house shortly there after. It was not their cup of tea , but perhaps by the grace of God , I gave them a glimpse of their eternal home and desire to never harm an unborn child in the womb again.

Truly it was a holy unplanned moment birthing hope in the tragedy of yet another child killed on the altar of Planned Parenthood ‘s agenda.