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Harold Jr.

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It’s been quite sometime since I have written about my experiences at the mill. MIA CULPA… MIA CULPA… Perhaps 10 months or even a bit longer. No excuse except the usual. Busy with being busy doing life as I am in yet another transition. If anyone is out there in blog land reading my journal of sorts, please PRAY for my willingness to share the miraculous moments at SIDEWALKHELP.COM. When those unexpected moments of glory happen, it truly is a holy and heavenly touch from above.

I am certainly not short of miracles at the mill this past year. Mia Culpa, once again,  perhaps, because we are in the season of Lent, I need to offer up my efforts of writing about my experiences at my local Planned Parenthood in hopes that others might break thru their own fears of hitting the sidewalk and show up and at least BE that necessary JOYFUL  face and SIGN OF HOPE in the midst of the despair and tragedy as the cars roll into the Planned Parenthood parking lot. These women and men are desperately seeking to make it quick and painless as they seek an easy solution for their unwanted pregnancy hoping for a drive thru abortion moment,  either with that 2 day pill or the quick drop off as the boyfriend and/or husband  with a few squirmy kids in the backseat oblivious to the reality of mom rushing into the Planned Parenthood mill to kill their brother or sister as the unexpected pregnancy has become a strangely inconvenient reality for the family’s  narcissistic lifestyle.

When I am confronted with this reality on a weekly basis while counseling women and men from the sidewalk against the backdrop of unheard  silent screams, I plead from my heart from the weeds and cracks in the sidewalk, “I have FREE resources for you! Abortion does not take away motherhood or fatherhood! You will still be a mother or father grieving the death of your child.” 

During one of my  pleas from my heart earlier this week, I met Harold and Harold Jr. As I walked back and forth with my literature praying my rosary quietly waiting for the next car to pull in, Harold briskly left the patio area of the abortion mill, decorated with picnic tables and umbrellas, while fathers, and loved ones wait for their beloved as their child is being murdered within the house of horror.  Harold reached the sidewalk and spoke passionately to me, “Miss, I am not one of them. I wanted my child, he died in the womb at 5 months and now we have to do this procedure.

I shared my heart of sorrow over his loss and wept and prayed with him. I said, “All of heaven is sorrowing with you and he will be with The Father soon.”

He felt comforted and proudly told me that his grandfather had 23 children and he doesn’t believe in abortion under any condition.  I continued to listen to him and offer him healing prayers and literature. I asked him if he and his wife had named their child yet.

He said,” Oh yes named after me. Harold Jr.”

 I said, Harold Jr. truly knows how much he is loved by you and his mother.  I prayed with him and asked him if he would like his child to be baptized by desire.  We prayed together and baptized his sweet son Harold Jr. I felt a prompting to ask him to get his precious son’s remains.

He said, absolutely!

I prayed again for our Lord to move in the heart of Planned Parenthood workers to release Harold Jr. little body for a proper burial.  

Shortly thereafter, he went inside the Planned Parenthood and about 20 minutes later came out and exclaimed from his rolled down car window with great joy , Our prayer was answered! They are giving me his body and I am to return at 2 pm to pick up my wife and child.” 

He was off to Hobby Lobby to find a small wooden box, he told me excitedly.

I said, I know our Christian Catholic Community will happily give your son a proper burial. Would you like a graveside memorial for your son? 

Harold exclaimed, “I would love that!”

I  asked him curiously, “What day would have Harold been born on?

He said,” in July.”

I said, “really, what day?”

He said, “July 27th!”

I cried out in surprise and joy, “That is my birthday!  Wow.. I will always hold him in my heart.”

He was very touched and said a prayer of praise to God for the God incidence.

We exchanged cell numbers and he asked  me to text him with updates and the photo of the little baby casket I would order with his son’s name on it.  He would be back promptly at  2pm  to pick up his wife and their child’s remains. In that short time, I ordered the baby casket and made arrangements for the burial and as well as texting him with updates. I thanked God for the miracle of a proper burial for this little child would be buried next to other aborted and miscarried babies in a near by cemetery.

2 pm arrived. I texted him letting him know I am here and ready to help him and his wife. 2:30 pm arrives. No Harold. I call. I text again.  No response.

I questioned myself,  what happened?   Did his wife talk him out of it? Would sweet Harold  have a proper burial? Did Planned Parenthood talk his wife out of taking her child’s remains and giving their son a proper burial?

Sadly, I will never know this side of heaven. I wept within. The casket arrived yesterday with his  name on it:  Harold Jr.  This sweet soul truly knows he was deeply loved ever so briefly this side of heaven and he will be forever remembered  in our hearts even if he was  not given a proper burial by his parents perhaps because of  fear and uncertainty.

Dearest  Harold Jr. you are now with us in our hearts where ever we go. The sting of your tragic death has been swallowed up by Jesus because of  His great love for us.  A holy Mass was said for you sweet dear one on this  7th day of March in the year 2020 .All of heaven  and our Dear Blessed Mother rejoices and gladly welcomes you home where the sting of death indeed is no more! 

“O Death, where is thy Sting? O grave where is thy Victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Corinthians 15:55

Indeed it was just another day at the mill, where the light of God’s grace showered upon Harold and Harold Jr. in the midst of the innocent blood being shed and sold to the highest bidder. God have mercy and come Lord Jesus come!