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It’s been a while since I have posted about my experiences at the mill. I don’t really have a good excuse why I have not blogged as of late other than distraction and busyness in the mundane things of life kept me from sharing a bit of my joy, sorrow, and miracles.  I know I am blessed if one person reads my blog or no one reads it. My stats are next to nothing. It was never for the other anyway. Ultimately, I am writing for the Other and as my blogging is more of my online journal to be a sign of hope and encouragement to others, even if I write to an audience of one!

Last weekend I was at the mill and a young black lady pulled into PP and I  quickly motioned with my hand to get her attention with a smile and the motion to roll down her window. I felt a rush of emotion as our hearts connected with the guard looking on and she eagerly took my literature.

She pulled into PP and parked her car and came out to continue our conversation as the guard glared at me. By the grace of God, she opened her heart even more and listened about the dangers of birth control and most important practicing chastity until married. She had come into the mill for a morning after pill as she was sure she was pregnant.

Convinced that I was there for her and cared about her confusing emotions of fear and uncertainty,  she walked past the PP guard and took my suggestion to park her car outside PP  and we would walk over to the local pro life clinic, one street over.

Within minutes , we were walking  over to the clinic. She continued to share her battered, broken and lonely heart with me. I listened.  We arrived at the clinic and  I stayed with her for the next hour as the women helped her fill out the necessary paperwork. These courageous women showered much love on her and indeed supported her to choose  life in the midst of her busy academic life, angry mother, and supportive boyfriend who did not know of her possible pregnancy as she wanted to shield it from him because of the wrath of her mom.  .

A little life saved perhaps between the cracks in the sidewalk  on this Saturday at the mill. Pray for us Blessed Mother as we do the Father’s work in our communities spilling over with fear, desperation and lust. Indeed, You my sweet Jesus  must increase and I must decrease.2012 photos 048



Not Left Behind

baby John, brandy's baby

A few years ago  I wrote a blog  about a young college age lady who chose life and adoption for her daughter! I chased down her car and offered to help her. She stopped her car as she thought I needed help!  It was an emotional 7 months of helping her make better life choices. With the help of a Catholic pro life  attorney, we found the perfect family for her little girl saved from abortion.  Everything was going seemingly well until two weeks before her due date. The birth mother had a change of heart and decided to keep her little girl and raise her as a single mom. It was devastating news as the adoptive family had  invested much time, emotions and financial support all knowing that the birth mother could change her mind at her whim and not necessarily making a wise decision given she was barely supporting herself on government aid.

This beautiful soul was born on Saint Martha’s feast day with a full head of curly black hair and a determined spirit!  Although deeply disappointed, I continued to pray for this single mom and her new child and other 3 year old son from a previous relationship and even had the opportunity to baptize this little sweet one, at her baby shower, knowing this child would not be baptized any time soon!  It broke my heart as I knew it would have been the best if this young lady had the courage to give her little girl up to a family to raise her in a loving Christian home.

I prayed for this young lady  and  I would get updates on her progress via FACEBOOK over the past two years. FAST FORWARD.

A few months ago I received a text from this young lady! I was surprised  to hear from her with this text: Is this Vanessa? I was looking for your number everywhere. How are you? Well, I am pregnant again and I went to Planned Parenthood, but I couldn’t do it.”

WOW.. was I surprised and grateful to God that she had reached out again. I quickly texted her and called. She poured her heart out and I experienced a beautiful more humble soul needing a place to stay as she was kicked out of her parents. Her willingness to give this child of 20 weeks to an adoptive couple was such a huge step in the right direction.

Within a few weeks, we found a home for unwed mothers in the San Diego area. She chose an adoptive family and is working on her mothering skills and finding employment to grow in grace and service to God and others.  I was sad to hear her daughter is living with the dad’s family and she rarely sees her because she cannot afford to take care of herself and her 5 year old son. Nevertheless, I continue to pray for all of them and I am amazed at how God works all things together for good and she has chosen a loving Catholic family to raise her son!  I have attached photos of  her daughter rescued from the mill as I chased her car down the street almost 3 years ago and a picture of her son who will now have the opportunity to be a part of  a loving Catholic family. She has chosen the best, open adoption for her son. Please pray for all unwed moms for courage to love and do what is best despite their feelings.  This little boy, still growing in her womb, was NOT LEFT BEHIND at the abortion mill to become another statistic despite the pressure this brave and courageous single mom, tempted to abort.  She wisely choose  life with the support of  a caring pro life community!



Chasing Cars….

Another face of bravery

I found this article  posted below this evening from Life News. Bravery at its finest.

I could not help but recall  a recent opportunity to help a pregnant mother  in her thirties choose life at my local abortion mill.  She was a terrified, confused and fearful mother of  six and this  child conceived in lust and loneliness would be her seventh. She was obviously pregnant, married and  her husband was not the child’s father. 

When I arrived at the abortion mill, this brave mother had just come out of the mill and had decided for life. Perhaps it was our signs and definitely our prayers.  With tears and determination to accept life,  she openly confessed why she had considered the abortion.  We hugged, cried and prayed with her.   It was a glorious moment as she in much fear made the right decision and was willing to suffer humiliation from others. Indeed, her circumstances were quite different than the brave young teen who gave birth and gave up her child for adoption, but they both in the tsunami moments of their lives, stayed in the boat heading north.

( See inspiring article below)  

Post script: last week the mother of this  child conceived by another man, sent me a photo of her young child in the womb. My heart leaped with great joy as she is now on a path of deeper healing and acceptance of her choice and living in love and light!

Her Boyfriend Was Pressuring Her to Get an Abortion, Then She Asked God What to Do

by Online for Life | Washington, DC | | 9/2/14 5:57 PM

Earlier this summer, Emily Letts made national news after she filmed her own abortion and posted the video on YouTube.

Hailed as “brave,” “pioneering,” and “trailblazing,” by the pro-abortion community, this abortion activist turned Internet sensation was lavished with praise from supporters across the country. But is brave the correct word to describe a woman who sacrifices one afternoon to undergo a 15-minute procedure that terminates the life of her unborn child?

nickyFor those of us involved in the battle for life, our definition of brave stands in stark contrast to those who support Emily Letts’s decision to kill the child in her womb. We reserve the word brave to describe the sidewalk counselors who pray for men and women entering abortion clinics, or the dedicated volunteers who give their time and energy to serve in life-affirming pregnancy centers.

When it comes to the issue of protecting the sacredness of life, perhaps no one’s bravery is more overlooked or undervalued than that of the birth mother who chooses life for her child and then places him or her for adoption.

Meet Nicky.

At just 26 years old, life had already taken a toll on her. In her past, she had been charged with a felony, lived in her car for a time given birth to and then surrendered sole custody of a little girl at the age of 16, and had bounced from abusive relationship to abusive relationship. By the time Online for Life found her, Nicky was in a new relationship and 12 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend had told her to get an abortion, so Nicky was searching for information on abortion in the same place where thousands of other women facing crisis pregnancies go to search anonymously: the Internet. When Online for Life connected with her and led her to a local life-affirming pregnancy center, Nicky now says she made an appointment at the center to “discuss my options.”

However, that day Nicky discovered more than just information. She found a compassionate and loving staff who were eager to help during her time of need. “The woman I sat down with was beyond wonderful. She helped me to just breathe and ask God what to do…And so I did.”

After her appointment, Nicky made her boyfriend move out. Then she reconnected with an aunt who would help Nicky throughout the pregnancy, driving her to the birthing center where Nicky would eventually give birth. But as the baby’s due date drew near, Nicky became increasingly confused. “I was alone and still had no idea what I was going to do.” That’s when Nicky recalled the many people who’d offered her help. With the support of the life-affirming pregnancy center, and through the power of social media, Nicky was put in touch with a couple who was looking to adopt a child. “My heart was opened to [my daughter’s adoptive mother],” Nicky says, explaining her heart-rending choice to give up her child for adoption. When she told Brandon her decision to place the child up for adoption, he agreed that it was best. He even returned home to support Nicky in the days leading up to the baby’s birth.

Three days before the scheduled delivery, her daughter’s adoptive parents flew across the country in time to witness the birth of Nicky’s healthy baby girl. “The four days we spent in the clinic were filled with so many emotions for me. Sometimes I was depressed, sad, laughing, and crying.” But one thing that stood out the most to Nicky was how the birthing center’s staff responded to her. “Everyone kept calling me ‘brave.The nurses kept coming up to me and telling me they were honored to care for and treat someone like me.”

When it was time to say good-bye to her daughter, Nicky was overwhelmed with emotion. “I felt numb to everything. I couldn’t even manage a giggle without feeling the tears behind it.”

Today, Nicky still thinks of her little girl constantly. But as she works to find a new job and re-create a life for herself, she knows she made the right decision. “I know my baby, who came out of a very bad time, ended up being loved by people from across the country.”

Nicky hopes one day her story and the stories of other birth mothers will inspire more women to true bravery. “The voice of the mother who gives up a baby for adoption isn’t heard. We need to change that.”

To learn how you can help make more stories like Nicky and her daughter’s story a possibility, please visit


check out these great tips!


pro life signs photo

These are tips from LIFENEWS.COM for reaching out to abortion-minded women in a time of crisis. I have been sidewalk counseling for almost four years. I have seen women broken by abortion before and after the procedure, and I have been privileged to be used as an instrument of God’s grace to save lives.

This information alone may not be enough to prepare you to sidewalk counsel. I strongly recommend that those who feel called to sidewalk counseling seek out a local pregnancy resource center for one-on-one training. Better yet, contact me and I will put you in touch with training in your part of the country.

Tip #1: Focus on her needs first.

An abortion-minded mother is in crisis mode. The unexpected pregnancy she is facing is a terrifying reality for her, and she is focused on how she can fix a mistake she made and get her life back…

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Baby in the womb … Kissed by her Angel!


Men Who Carry Purses

Pursephoto (2)Men who carry purses is a daily event at abortion mills.  Indeed, this past week there was a parade of purse carrying men. Tragically,  I witnessed more than usual  fathers with other children  carrying their wives’ purses as the younger ones lag behind with a knowing something terrible is happening inside.

It is an odd sight every time I witness  it.  Husbands, boyfriends, and fathers  carry these purses with the greatest of protection. Some of these men cradle the purse in their arms like a baby!  PP does not allow women to keep their purses and cell phones with them during the murder of their child.

Think about it. The purse with a cell phone inside is the last life line to a possible save from the pending death of the child.  She might hear her phone ring with that special ring of a loved one and reach for it and her mind might be changed.  She might receive a frantic call  or a pleading text from a family member or friend  as they suddenly realize the horror of  the killing about to happen!

This one particular father, carried his wife’s purse with determination as he briskly walked to the family van. I shouted, “We can help , Daddy, your baby wants to live! We have resources for you and your family!”

He looked at me and said with a deep monotone voice  reminding me of Joe Friday from a Dragnet episode, “I HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL.”

Really sir? Under Control?   The truth is, he like many other men, who believe the lie of abortion, are under deception, not under control.

Our Father in Heaven have mercy on us. Please save our babies from the sin of abortion and contraception.

Our Lady of Guadalupe , PRAY FOR US.

Saint Joseph Pray for us.








pro life signs photo

These are tips from LIFENEWS.COM for reaching out to abortion-minded women in a time of crisis. I have been sidewalk counseling for almost four years. I have seen women broken by abortion before and after the procedure, and I have been privileged to be used as an instrument of God’s grace to save lives.

This information alone may not be enough to prepare you to sidewalk counsel. I strongly recommend that those who feel called to sidewalk counseling seek out a local pregnancy resource center for one-on-one training. Better yet, contact me and I will put you in touch with training in your part of the country.

Tip #1: Focus on her needs first.

An abortion-minded mother is in crisis mode. The unexpected pregnancy she is facing is a terrifying reality for her, and she is focused on how she can fix a mistake she made and get her life back on track. It isn’t the baby that is scary to her. It’s the idea of having to raise that baby in the situation she is in, whatever it is. That is what must be addressed, and that is crucial to understand when you have just a few seconds to speak before she goes into the abortion clinic. Telling her that she has other options and free resources available to help her may resonate with her. That leads into tip number two.

Tip #2: Have resources and information readily available.

There are thousands of pregnancy resource centers in the United States. Visit these centers in your area and become familiar with their staff and their services so you know where you can refer pregnant women if they are in need of assistance. Ask for any literature or pamphlets these pregnancy centers have so you can take them to the sidewalks to offer women who are going into the abortion clinic.

Print off literature with information about local health care centers that provide comprehensive health care along with reproductive care, but do not offer abortion services. Visit the HRSA website to locate such health centers, as many cater to low-income and impoverished families but are not abortion providers.

Tip #3: Always have compassion in your voice and your stature.

The moment an abortion-minded woman gets out of her car to the time she enters the abortion clinic, talk to her as if you are talking to a friend in need. Stay calm and speak in a loving tone. You may stammer to find the words to say, but how you speak is as crucial as what you say.

No matter how she responds to you, always exhibit kindness.

Tip #4: Talk to the people she is with.

Most of the time, an abortion-minded woman will arrive at a clinic with a friend, family member, or a partner. Let these people know that you care about them as well. Sometimes, the person accompanying the woman is hesitant or in opposition to the abortion, and may take information from you. Usually, they will ignore you. Other times, they can be aggressive and agitated by you. Again, it is imperative that you remain calm and collected, regardless of how people respond to you…that’s tip number five.

Tip #5: No matter what, always remain calm.

Just recently, a weekend of sidewalk counseling pushed me to my limits. I was cursed at, yelled at, and demeaned. It was difficult to stay focused on why I was even on the sidewalk to begin with, and often it was tough not to retaliate to those who persecuted me. No matter what is said to you and no matter how you are treated, never show animosity toward anyone going in or out of the abortion clinic.

However, if you believe that you are truly in physical danger, contact law enforcement immediately.

Tip #6: Refrain from citing religion right off the bat.

Seven out of ten women who obtain abortions are members of a Christian church, but that does not mean that appealing to the Gospel will be effective with abortion-minded women. This ties back in to tip number one: focus on this woman and reassuring her that help is available. If you are able to engage her in conversation and get a feel for her religious background, then it may be perfectly fine to discuss faith.

But if the idea of faith or God is a foreign or rejected concept for an abortion-minded woman, hearing Bible passages from the sidewalk is going to turn her away from you completely.

Tip #7: Be there for her after her abortion.

Some of the most difficult moments on the sidewalks of the abortion clinic aren’t before a woman gets an abortion. It’s afterwards. I recall a time I tried my best to offer a post-abortive woman information about Rachel’s Vineyard so she could seek healing in the future. As she slowly walked across the parking lot, alone, she maintained eye contact with me the entire time. She was empty inside. This was not the face of someone simply coming out of anesthesia. This was the face of a woman who would face a lifetime of pain.

Get information about post-abortion ministries to offer women after their abortions. Keep your voice gentle, because at that point, these women are either hurting physically and emotionally, or they’re numb on both aspects.

Tip #8: Be prepared for any situation to arise.

When you sidewalk counsel for years on end, you see and experience a lot of disturbing things on the sidewalks: women coming out from their appointment and vomiting in the parking lot. Girls as young as fourteen being physically dragged by their hair into abortion clinics by their parents. Partners screaming at and threatening pregnant women. You will see it all, and you must be prepared to handle such situations.

If you continue sidewalk counseling, there will come a time that an abortion-minded mother leaves or doesn’t even go into the abortion clinic. Be prepared to give her directions to a local pregnancy center, or even have her follow you to a center by car.

Days like that will change your life forever.


Pro Life Amazing U Tube Video… And Your Thoughts…

Thank you for taking the time to watch this amazing 5 min Pro life Video…You will be encouraged and may shed a tear or two.  Share with others as we remember this coming Wednesday, January 22nd.  Please say extra prayers on this tragic day in our American history. It is time to CHANGE OUR HISTORY AND BE THE GENERATION THAT ENDS ABORTION ON DEMAND.

If possible, FAST and Pray an extra rosary  (give up coffee or something you really enjoy) for the end of abortion.

I look forward to hearing from you. Email  me your thoughts.  Let me know how I can help you become a better pro life prayer warrior and counselor. We learn together.

Vanessa Joy