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Growing One Blade At a Time

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The other day at my local Planned Parenthood, the armed guard informed me that he was recently hired by the woman who owns the home next door to protect her growing grass. MADNESS is an understatement.   SEE PHOTO ABOVE.

The guards were happy to assist her as it makes it now impossible for us to use this public area to post our signs and attempt to save lives.  I asked the guard, “help me understand.You are hired to protect growing grass, and not growing babies in the womb?”

” Insanity is an understatement.” I emphatically stated as well.

He replied, “Lady, I am just doing my job.” I said nothing but a silent prayer. Indeed, Jesus weeps with us.

I pondered the insanity and thought, babies in the woman are being pulled out of their mother’s womb one limb at a time while the protected  blades of grass  have the freedom to grow one blade at a time safely  protected by armed guards  with the flags and border as pictured above.

Why not this Lenten season  grow our own pro life blades of hope and encourage others to suit up and show up at abortion mills across our nation  with rosary and/or prayers and a willing heart to encourage abortion minded men and women to turn their cars around and embrace life no matter the cost.

In the meantime, we might all spiritually adopt an unborn child this Lenten season and pray a simple prayer every day for 9 months  written by Bishop Fulton Sheen:  “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, save the babies. I beg you to spare the life of _____________ (name your child)  the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted who is in danger of abortion.”

Note: Write the prayer on a 3×5 card  and/or  keep it on your I phone as a daily reminder by your computer with today’s date and the end date. Simple to do and most important we are helping heaven saving a growing baby one limb at a time! 







Lies for sale

Reminding all of us, especially me, to continue to suit up and show up and expect a miracle… a change of heart a baby saved, a woman making a decision to be open to life and learn natural family planning in her marriage… you never know what God can do with a willing heart despite our weaknesses, shortcomings and egos that often run riot throughout our seeking souls. God , I am willing, help our unwillingness. God works miracles in broken vessels as more light shines out for others to see!


I arrived at the mill this morning full of distraction and frustration. It was one of those pity party days. Despite the early morning prayers, desolation was creeping into my soul. I told myself as I drove over to the mill, I will get out of myself  by suiting up and showing up in service to others.

I glanced into the parking lot at Planned Parenthood as I parked my car across the street. My heart sank as the  parking lot was full, not an available parking space in sight.  If I didn’t know better, I would think I was at Walmart, the day after Christmas.

I asked the guard has it been like this all day? He said, “yep, they party hard these last few days.  Christmas  season is big business here. ”  It was my feeble attempt to see any “success” with the efforts of pro lifers who…

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Whatever you do…

Whatsoever You Do   Click on this Link to an amazing speech by Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Happy New Year!  As we lean into this new year let us not forget  who we are and why we need to keep seeking Him with all our hearts, soul and mind as we are living in a culture of death. It will become more and more apparent every day  that people of faith, hope, and  love will be greatly despised.   I pray abundant courage and perseverance  for all of us during these difficult days.

When the storm clouds gather, and the fear grips our often stony , and distracted heart, I pray we will have the eyes to see the silver lining in the storm. What is that silver lining?  Our  ego begins to die and we begin to serve others and not self.

During World War II, Anne Frank’s family and neighbors huddled together to survive. Because of their pressing living conditions, ego was choked out and love surfaced. All their walls came tumbling down and the question well what about me and my needs seems absolutely absurd in the face of much suffering and hardship.  Their  harsh reality of possible death in a concentration camp or to be discovered in their hiding place kept ego at bay. My prayer for all of us is to live in the reality that we are called to live with the day of our death held in our heart more than the closeness of our  ego feeding gadgets around us. Tragically, we quickly  forget who we are and that whatever we do in love and not ego, we do for Him whom we live and breathe and have our very being.

I have attached above a great Pro Life ego smashing speech given by Mother Teresa back in 1994 at a National Prayer Breakfast in DC.  It is challenging to live her message of love when we seem to like the familiar mirrors of illusion and vanity more.   Mother Teresa PRAY FOR US.  Help us to bloom where we are planted.bloomFullSizeRender (17)

What Child is this that lay to rest?

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Christmas Eve is fast approaching. In a few hours, families will gather to worship the little Lord Jesus asleep in the hay.  He is our only hope of salvation against the vortex of death swirling around us while helpless babies laying asleep in their mother’s womb are being suctioned away and sold to the highest bidder on this Christmas Day.

                                                AWAY IN A COFFIN

Away in a coffin, no womb for a bed, The little poor baby  could not lay down his sweet head.

The  angels in the sky looked down where the child once lay, The little poor baby weeping and wailing he makes.

I pretend to love Thee, My Lord Jesus, turn away from me I plead, And keep away from my side till morning is nigh.

Be far from me , Lord Jesus, I beg Thee  to leave, I pray

Utilize all the parts of my baby for worldly care,  And take me to hell, to live apart from Thee there.

Our world  has thrown away the manager and the baby for the passing pleasures of the moment never asking or pondering the question;

” What Child is this, who laid to rest, On Mary’s lap is sleeping?  

Whom angels greet with anthems sweet, While shepherds watch are keeping?

This , this is Christ the King, Whom shepherds guard and angels sing: Haste, Haste to bring Him laud, The babe, the son of Mary.”

Mary Christmas indeed in this year of mercy.













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Last Saturday at Planned Parenthood during the 40 days for life national campaign!

I have republished below the weekly newsletter from Survivors. It was quite a morning to say the least and the article accurately sums up the harsh realities of  doing our part to save babies and mothers/fathers. Planned Murderhood  may one day be no more if we continue to pray and suit up and show up while expecting a miracle or two, between the cracks in the sidewalk!
Head of Planned Parenthood Security meets
the Resistance at Protest PP Riverside!
We were honored to have the Head of Planned Parenthood Security show up in Riverside to personally oversee the arrival of The Resistance!
He was cordial to Jeff White as he introduced himself and Jeff White responded accordingly.  Then things began to get twisted.  He assumed that being cordial was akin to being in agreement.
He let Survivors know that he knew all about The Resistance, including our plans to put a banner above the driveway entrance.  He wanted to show he was deep inside the plans of the Survivors and The Resistance.  What he didn’t know is:  
We don’t care, we have nothing to hide, we are unafraid!
We are simply boldly confronting and exposing Planned Parenthood.
The head of security informed Jeff White that he had already called the police and said the banners were not legal but that he would allow them up for a few minutes for a photo op!  He said after that we would have to take them down.  Well, The Resistance certainly wasn’t there for a photo-op, we were there for war against the evil deeds of PP.  Jeff said, “Well, thank you, but we are going to keep the banner up  — we’ll wait for the police to arrive.”
Seconds turned into minutes and soon an hour had passed and still the banner stood.  All who drove into the parking lot did so reading like a sign announcing the gates of hell. “Finally, when the police did arrive, there was not even a discussion of the banner — just the usual warning against blocking sidewalks.
Moral of the story:  Planned Parenthood doesn’t tell The Resistance what the law is and certainly doesn’t dictate how we will express our outrage at their murder of babies and the selling of baby parts, cordial or not.
But Planned Parenthood has only seen the beginning of The Resistance!
There is another all-day protest on Halloween, October 31st, between 8am and 5pm and it will be a haunting day indeed for Planned Parenthood.  Join us and RSVP on Facebook or email us at Resist@Survivors.LA.
But the day was much more than banners and chants and staring each other down.
There was a baby saved and that is what it is all about!  The sidewalk counselor, Vanessa, may look to some like a crazed woman chasing mothers down to give them lifesaving literature as she begs them to make a different choice, but to us, she is beautifully busy about her Father’s business.  Some would criticize her approach, but we were so thankful she was there.
Suddenly she cried out, “YES! she is leaving the clinic!  A baby is saved!”  She loudly celebrated her good news with tears and hugs to participants standing by.  God used Vanessa mightily on Saturday, and a child was saved from abortion.
We love people like Vanessa.  People who throw reputations and appearance to the wind to defend and protect the preborn.  She continually endures the pain of witnessing moms take their preborn children into the abortion clinic to be killed, yet still she keeps a godly attitude and persistently prays for them while they are inside the abortion mill.  This is practiced love and obedience to the Lord.  Sidewalk counseling is a frightening and intimidating area of pro-life ministry.  But it is also one of the most important and vital places for the pro-life activist to be.  It is the front lines in the abortion battle.  Abandon personal limitations and allow the Lord to use you to save His children!
The day of the event saw over 200 people (mostly young people) attend the #ProtestPP event in Riverside, CA.  They grabbed signs and spread out, sure to canvas the entire neighborhood with messages of hope and exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal practices of trafficking baby body parts.  The message was clear:  We won’t be silent about Planned Parenthood’s grisly trade.  It was a beautiful morning as people from different denominations, young and old, shy and bold, came together to protest and to pray for the end of Planned Parenthood, and the end of abortion.
Survivors has prayed and worked to raise up a generation of  young people who will be like Vanessa and be busy about their Father’s business.  The Resistance is looking for young people dedicated to defending and protecting preborn children to join us in this fight.  Our dream is to see an army of young people rise up in California to storm their local Planned Parenthood clinics and not relent until they close their doors for good!
Survivors Founders to Speak at
Celebrate Life Conference
The 4th Annual Celebrate Life Conference will be held this Saturday October 17th in Artesia, CA. Survivors Founders, Jeff White and Cheryl Conrad, will both be guest speakers at the conference, appropriately themed, “Planned Parenthood: Don’t be deceived! Know the truth!”
Cheryl Conrad will dive into her personal testimony of when she had an abortion at Planned Parenthood, and how that became the catalyst that propelled her into the pro-life movement after seeking forgiveness and healing.  She will share about the church’s responsibility to speak the truth about abortion and offer help to those who are grieving their abortion.  Jeff White will share about Survivors’ response to the Planned Parenthood’s scandalous selling of baby body parts, and why now more than ever The Resistance is needed!

This is a free event with breakfast and lunch included!  Don’t miss this!  Invite your friends to come with you!

What: Celebrate Life Conference
When: Saturday, October 17th
Contact: Vina Dungo, 562-412-0405,
Stay Connected with Us!
Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube  View on Instagram
Survivors P.O. Box 52708 Riverside, CA 92517

Between the cracks

SIDEWALK HELP....Sometimes Miracles happen between the cracks
Real Life Stories at the mill

Read more

Lies for sale

Source: Lies for sale

Lies for sale

I arrived at the mill this morning full of distraction and frustration. It was one of those pity party days. Despite the early morning prayers, desolation was creeping into my soul. I told myself as I drove over to the mill, I will get out of myself  by suiting up and showing up in service to others.

I glanced into the parking lot at Planned Parenthood as I parked my car across the street. My heart sank as the  parking lot was full, not an available parking space in sight.  If I didn’t know better, I would think I was at Walmart, the day after Christmas.

I asked the guard has it been like this all day? He said, “yep, they party hard these last few days.  Christmas  season is big business here. ”  It was my feeble attempt to see any “success” with the efforts of pro lifers who come daily to pray and counsel. Maybe one day, there will be no cars pulling in because our prayers have been answered! NOT today or tomorrow, as reality speaks louder than my desire.

I remembered the deeper truths. We are called to be faithful and serve Him through thick and thin moments.   Any success we see at the mill; a life saved, a woman deciding to quit using birth control, even  a thumbs up from a car or two passing by, must be quickly forgotten as we are rewarded in heaven for how we policed our egos  not all the successes we counted.  Difficult truth to live, easy to type and rarely pondered enough by moi.

Back to the moment at the mill. The air was especially crisp this morning. My signs strategically posted with cars streaming by, barely glancing at the pro life  message. The drivers darts in with the woman looking down in feigned prayer,  to avoid my eyes and piercing signs of hope in the midst of another tragic death of a beautiful child of God.

A few times this particular day, the driver stops, startled by my smiles and hand signal to roll down the window! I silently pray, Dear God help me speak your words with love and truth.  I ask the question, Did you know they kill babies here? Silence. “Oh really,  we are only here for birth control.   We are not having an abortion.”

Did you know that using birth control of any kind may cause a chemical abortion? I know first hand. I lost a child 28 years ago.”  I carry her in my heart and if I had known what I am sharing with you now, she would still  with me today.

I didn’t know that.”  Please read the info and you will learn much and experience deeper joy as you are open to life as a married couple. It’s the way God wants you share your love.

Another car pulls in.  A mother driving the car, glares at me. I hold my sign, “Your Baby Wants to Live.”  She flips me off while pulling into the mill with her teenage daughter pushing her finger flipping hand down.  I knew all to well, this was another sale job by the mother who felt it was in the best interests of her teenage daughter to have the abortion.

Mother and her frightened daughter sat in the car for quite some time.  I prayed much. Brake lights on, brake lights off.  Please God, give her strength to say YES TO LIFE, despite her mother’s desire to kill her grandchild.  God please give her the grace to say yes to life!  I pleaded in my heart for this scared teenager battling her mother,  Don’t believe your mother’s lies!

I don’t know how it turned out today. Did she cave in to her mother’s pressure? Thankfully, another pro lifer, showed up before I left. I filled her in and she was going to report back. As I left the mill, they were still in the car.  However, the mother heard my pleas again and rolled down the window and shouted at me, “SCREW YOU.”

Tragically, in our culture of death, Lies are for  sale at a great cost of the PERSONHOOD of the child growing within the womb.  Our culture of death know how to  market and “beautify” abortion and make it an easy sale.

Thankfully, the precious Holy Spirit will use these seemingly mundane moments of heralding truth at the mill, to whip up the fire of love and burn  into the hearts of these precious frightened and seeking souls looking for a quick solution to a “problem” pregnancy.  Perhaps one day soon, we will see a change of heart and women and men will see PERSONHOOD   and not Planned Parenthood.

Keep praying for pro life counselors doing battle at the mill. Without you, we cannot stand in the gap. We desperately need every prayer as the enemy is bombarding us with distraction and disillusionment on every side. We are committed to bringing light and love into the fiery furnace of Satan’s den of destruction.  Despite these flames, we are offering sidewalk help and giving up the outcome of seeing results, (at least attempting), when all indication, seems that our little efforts of love, are just blowing truth into the wind.

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Chasing Cars….

Another face of bravery

I found this article  posted below this evening from Life News. Bravery at its finest.

I could not help but recall  a recent opportunity to help a pregnant mother  in her thirties choose life at my local abortion mill.  She was a terrified, confused and fearful mother of  six and this  child conceived in lust and loneliness would be her seventh. She was obviously pregnant, married and  her husband was not the child’s father. 

When I arrived at the abortion mill, this brave mother had just come out of the mill and had decided for life. Perhaps it was our signs and definitely our prayers.  With tears and determination to accept life,  she openly confessed why she had considered the abortion.  We hugged, cried and prayed with her.   It was a glorious moment as she in much fear made the right decision and was willing to suffer humiliation from others. Indeed, her circumstances were quite different than the brave young teen who gave birth and gave up her child for adoption, but they both in the tsunami moments of their lives, stayed in the boat heading north.

( See inspiring article below)  

Post script: last week the mother of this  child conceived by another man, sent me a photo of her young child in the womb. My heart leaped with great joy as she is now on a path of deeper healing and acceptance of her choice and living in love and light!

Her Boyfriend Was Pressuring Her to Get an Abortion, Then She Asked God What to Do

by Online for Life | Washington, DC | | 9/2/14 5:57 PM

Earlier this summer, Emily Letts made national news after she filmed her own abortion and posted the video on YouTube.

Hailed as “brave,” “pioneering,” and “trailblazing,” by the pro-abortion community, this abortion activist turned Internet sensation was lavished with praise from supporters across the country. But is brave the correct word to describe a woman who sacrifices one afternoon to undergo a 15-minute procedure that terminates the life of her unborn child?

nickyFor those of us involved in the battle for life, our definition of brave stands in stark contrast to those who support Emily Letts’s decision to kill the child in her womb. We reserve the word brave to describe the sidewalk counselors who pray for men and women entering abortion clinics, or the dedicated volunteers who give their time and energy to serve in life-affirming pregnancy centers.

When it comes to the issue of protecting the sacredness of life, perhaps no one’s bravery is more overlooked or undervalued than that of the birth mother who chooses life for her child and then places him or her for adoption.

Meet Nicky.

At just 26 years old, life had already taken a toll on her. In her past, she had been charged with a felony, lived in her car for a time given birth to and then surrendered sole custody of a little girl at the age of 16, and had bounced from abusive relationship to abusive relationship. By the time Online for Life found her, Nicky was in a new relationship and 12 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend had told her to get an abortion, so Nicky was searching for information on abortion in the same place where thousands of other women facing crisis pregnancies go to search anonymously: the Internet. When Online for Life connected with her and led her to a local life-affirming pregnancy center, Nicky now says she made an appointment at the center to “discuss my options.”

However, that day Nicky discovered more than just information. She found a compassionate and loving staff who were eager to help during her time of need. “The woman I sat down with was beyond wonderful. She helped me to just breathe and ask God what to do…And so I did.”

After her appointment, Nicky made her boyfriend move out. Then she reconnected with an aunt who would help Nicky throughout the pregnancy, driving her to the birthing center where Nicky would eventually give birth. But as the baby’s due date drew near, Nicky became increasingly confused. “I was alone and still had no idea what I was going to do.” That’s when Nicky recalled the many people who’d offered her help. With the support of the life-affirming pregnancy center, and through the power of social media, Nicky was put in touch with a couple who was looking to adopt a child. “My heart was opened to [my daughter’s adoptive mother],” Nicky says, explaining her heart-rending choice to give up her child for adoption. When she told Brandon her decision to place the child up for adoption, he agreed that it was best. He even returned home to support Nicky in the days leading up to the baby’s birth.

Three days before the scheduled delivery, her daughter’s adoptive parents flew across the country in time to witness the birth of Nicky’s healthy baby girl. “The four days we spent in the clinic were filled with so many emotions for me. Sometimes I was depressed, sad, laughing, and crying.” But one thing that stood out the most to Nicky was how the birthing center’s staff responded to her. “Everyone kept calling me ‘brave.The nurses kept coming up to me and telling me they were honored to care for and treat someone like me.”

When it was time to say good-bye to her daughter, Nicky was overwhelmed with emotion. “I felt numb to everything. I couldn’t even manage a giggle without feeling the tears behind it.”

Today, Nicky still thinks of her little girl constantly. But as she works to find a new job and re-create a life for herself, she knows she made the right decision. “I know my baby, who came out of a very bad time, ended up being loved by people from across the country.”

Nicky hopes one day her story and the stories of other birth mothers will inspire more women to true bravery. “The voice of the mother who gives up a baby for adoption isn’t heard. We need to change that.”

To learn how you can help make more stories like Nicky and her daughter’s story a possibility, please visit